Writers Challenge 2019!

BookBaybZ Writers Challenge Short Stories

Calling to those with Imagination and Drive!


BookBaybZ writers challenge #2

Friday Gremlins

Ever had one of ‘those’ days?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a story (1200 words or less), of a character whose Friday has something to do with the theme.


It could be anything; Murphy’s Law turning his/or her world upside down, something in the water which causes people to act weird, actual gremlins. The point is you can think out of the box.


It is a contemporary setting, i.e. the 21st century, but city/ suburban/ rural is up to you and if some urban fantasy stuff sneaks in… cool.

One main character and one or two secondary characters.

Make it as weird as you want. Go for broke.

Red wine and dark chocolate are the cure for whatever affliction, curse or wee evil creature you wish to write about. It does not have to be consumed and can be used in whichever way suits your story; a potion, weapon, etc.

Of course, if you want to consume them while writing, that’s ok too.


The Challenge is now open and all entrants are requested to complete the information in the following link. (If you have difficulty opening the link please email us. Technology is not always our friend 😉 )

Registration Form

Completed stories are to be emailed to bookbaybz@gmail.com.

REMEMBER – If you haven’t registered, your entry will not be accepted.

CLOSING DATE – 10th of May 2019. Those short stories which intrigue, capture and keep The BookBaybz glued to the page, will then be published – dates TBD – on The BookBaybZ site.

Please make sure you read the T&C’s and Privacy Policy before you submit.