A Discovery of Writers – 3

Terry Harrington – Broken Karma Q. Did any of your previous work influence the story you wrote for the anthology? If not, what was your inspiration – If so – how? I haven’t written anything like ‘Broken Karma’ in the past. My inspiration for this story partially came from my own life and going throughContinue reading “A Discovery of Writers – 3”

A Discovery of Writers – 2

Edmund Stone – Audrey’s Discovery Q. What was an early experience where you learned that language had power? I love fishing almost as much as I do writing. I feel like Ernest Hemingway catching marlins and giant tunas in the Caribbean. Now, back to the question. I remember when I was about five years old, I pronouncedContinue reading “A Discovery of Writers – 2”

A Discovery of Writers – 1

Over the next week The BookBaybZ will be chatting with the Authors of this awesome anthology of short stories all based on the theme of Discovery. Here’s a little about each of them. W. E. Pearson – The Caul Q. What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become aContinue reading “A Discovery of Writers – 1”

New Beginnings

DEALT IN SIN by Sasha Hanton Morgan wants power so she makes a deal. What she doesn’t account for is deals with a demon always come with a hidden cost. Sasha Hanton grew up in the tropics of Darwin, Northern Territory. From a young age, she devoured books and iced coffee, both of which sheContinue reading “New Beginnings”

The Teacup

BEGINNINGS 16 stories. 16 Australian authors. One theme. Beginnings. Austin P. Sheehan is a writer of speculative fiction, a lover of language, literature and ’90s TV. Armed with a psychology degree, he went out into the world to further study humanity, and now prefers the company of his wife and their greyhounds. He grew upContinue reading “The Teacup”

Break The Spell

BEGINNINGS Australian Speculative Fiction Anthology Vol 1  Belinda Brady – Author of ‘Break the Spell’ Belinda is passionate about stories and after years of procrastinating, has finally turned her hand to writing them, with a preference for supernatural and thriller themes; her love of both often competing for her attention. She has had several storiesContinue reading “Break The Spell”

Cherry Blossoms, Umbrellas, and Heroes in Tutus.

About the Book Literary Crush Publishing brings you a new spring anthology with four brand new sweet romance stories each written around the theme: April Showers.   About Your Story Jayne Kingsley Cherry On Top Adeline Miller has just accepted her dream job coordinating the final event of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, but beingContinue reading “Cherry Blossoms, Umbrellas, and Heroes in Tutus.”

Sensational Awesome Authors, Support one another!

The ‘Bindarra Creek Short and Sweet Anthology’ is a series of nine related stories within the world of Bindarra Creek, a best-selling rural series by thirteen Australian authors.