MC D’Alton

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself. My name pen is …tada… you guessed it MC D’Alton and I have a passion for telling stories and daydreaming.

Have I always been a writer? Well that depends on how you look at things…

I am dyslexic. A term used to describe people who have a specific learning disability that is neurological in origin. In common terms, a specific learning disability (often abbreviated as SLD) is a severe learning problem caused by a disorder in cognitive (brain) processes.

Though I have never thought of my dyslexia in terms of it being a disorder – I see it as a gift!

Me, and others like me, tend to see the world through a special set of eyes.

In fact, our perception of the way things work, is incredibly unique and makes us some of the most creative humans you will ever get the pleasure to meet.

But enough about me and more about why MC D’Alton writes Steampunk!

I love dark characters and have always had an odly macabre soft spot for Frankenstein.

I’ve always been drawn to the darkness in a character. Why are they the way they are? Is there any good inside of them? And if so, what do I have to do to find it, love it, and make it shine?

And so, the idea of a romance starring a monster as the love interest began to bloom. I mentioned this one morning at my writers group, the BookBaybZ. Melanie, a dear writing friend, and my Iron Universe co-writer and fellow BookBaybZter said, ‘How will any sane person fall in love with a monster?’

And so, the story began to unfold, and the Iron Universe was born!

You can also find more of my contemporary romance and women’s fiction writing under the name Michelle Dalton

I can be found on Facebook Here and Here