MC Dalton

2dc902dfb65ebc015b4d4e309dc171e2My first name is Michelle, but I decided to write under the pen name of MC Dalton. Dalton was the last name of my maternal great grandfather a philosopher and well-known magistrate as well as writer back in the day — talking 1920’s South Africa. I took his last name both to honor him, and in the memory of his wife, my Gogo (great-grandmother) who helped raise me until her death in 1986.

When I’m not writing, I am cook, cleaner, taxi driver and all around go-to person in my household at the same time as I’m attempting to work through and complete a degree in writing.

Born in South Africa, my husband and I packed up and moved to Australia in 2010.

Besides being blessed with triplet boys, moving to a new country was both the greatest adventure, and adjustment of our lives. Raising three children of the same age left no room for my calling as a nurse and so I decided to concentrate on my second love – writing.

My passion for writing about the fantastical and love swept, started at an early age. What with Nan expecting me, barely ten and dyslexic to read Gone with the Wind, Anna Karenina (which was really the book that got me hooked on romance), and Pride and Prejudice. While I understood very little of the small words swimming around on the page I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film adaptions of these books with Nan.

I lose myself in daydreams and what if’s whenever life spares a free minute.
I am a huge romantic but also love drama, mystery, intrigue and the unknown.

My Goal — to create worlds where people can escape to for a few precious moments, places where magic is the order of the day, and love is served on a silver platter.  A when I’m not pulling you into a world of love swept heroes’ and heroines I’m writing about my country of birth. The good, the bad and the horribly ugly side of South Africa to open the worlds eyes to the truth beyond both social media and the media’s twisted scripts.

I hope you enjoy what is on offer! 🙂