Prizes, Writers and Awesome Cocktails!

Online Cocktail Party Romance Giveaway !!! June 11-30 13 Ebook & Gift Card Prize Packs Up for Grabs! ENTER HERE Who wants to WIN Bestselling Romance Books and Amazon gift cards, while schmoozing with authors and the characters they’ve created? You do! Join us for a rockin’ party featuring 13 giveaway rooms loaded with prizesContinue reading “Prizes, Writers and Awesome Cocktails!”

Learn from the Best. Be like Kristine, and write great sex.

It’s my current greatest claim to fame that I was once told by a very senior top-five publisher that I write great sex. I was SO CHUFFED because writing great sex is hard. <snickersnort> As much as I know you’re snorting with me right now. It’s true. Writing great sex is hard. Some of usContinue reading “Learn from the Best. Be like Kristine, and write great sex.”

A must read! Our first writers challenge winner.

Kayla stood poised on the rim of the Luna crater, scanning the bowl for anomalies. The unfamiliar craft was almost hidden in the shadow under the ramparts. From the buckling on the stubby wing tip it must have been a rough landing. Without hesitation she scrambled down the escarpment and headed for the ship. TheContinue reading “A must read! Our first writers challenge winner.”

Inspiring History, with Heather Garside

Heather Garside grew up on a cattle property in Central Queensland. As a child she loved books and the bush, and not a lot has changed. She now lives with her husband on a beef and grain farm in the same area and has two adult children. She has published four novels and has helpedContinue reading “Inspiring History, with Heather Garside”

Romantic Suspense: A match made in Heaven

By Joslyn Chase If you’re here on BookBaybz, it’s a safe bet you love Romance. I don’t have to sell you on the appeal—you know what you love about it. But how do you feel about Romantic Suspense? If you think about the books, movies, and television series that have made the biggest boom in recentContinue reading “Romantic Suspense: A match made in Heaven”