The Lost Wallet – 1

By Melanie Page (Author of Tale Spinning – the art of the short story) Simply Story Telling – Part 1 Chaucer once said, ‘All human activity lies within the artist’s scope’. Ok, so it was Chaucer in ‘A Knight’s Tale’. It’s still a great line. The fact is, you don’t need a high falutin’ conceptContinue reading “The Lost Wallet – 1”

A worthy read and a great Magazine!

As writers, Mel and I are keenly aware of how much the support of our community is needed. No matter the genre or your personal taste, magic happens when we come together to support our fellow writers. The founder and creator of this super awesome magazine approached us and kindly offered to feature our newContinue reading “A worthy read and a great Magazine!”

It’s Here – Iron Heart, the first of The Iron Universe!

An interview with Melanie Page & MC D’Alton As you may know, Melanie Page and MC D’Alton are the Bookbaybz, and have been writing together for a little over 2 years. By day, Melanie is a High School English Teacher and by night she is a published author of Regency Romances. Her first novel, “AnContinue reading “It’s Here – Iron Heart, the first of The Iron Universe!”

Celebrating our release with Booklover Book Reviews!

Stand a chance at winning one of two Ebook copies of Iron Heart! Click HERE to read the awesome interview and enter the competition. Iron Heart Book 1 of The Iron Universe is due for release January 25th 2020! What readers have said about Iron Heart: Kees2Reviews – “5.0 out of 5 stars Smash HitContinue reading “Celebrating our release with Booklover Book Reviews!”

Frankenstein, Love & Broken Hearts – Part 2

Building an Iron Heart – Steampunk Fun and Artistic License By MC D’Alton So, one of the most important questions I had to ask myself (and one which Mel reminded me of a lot) was how far are we allowed to speculate within our universe, (the one we have created for the characters in ourContinue reading “Frankenstein, Love & Broken Hearts – Part 2”

All For Charity!

As I type these words, brave Australian volunteers and Firefighters are battling blazes across Queensland and New South Wales, with warnings of more to come in South Australia. Many have already lost their lives and their homes in this traumatic start to spring and summer. The BookBaybz have decided to put up 20 copies ofContinue reading “All For Charity!”

Frankenstein, Love & Broken Hearts – Part 1.

WHAT kind of story is it?!? by Melanie Page When my elder son started swanning around in tight fitting pseudo-Victorian, Steampunk attire, wearing retro leather goggles, I hoped he was just going through a phase. Little did I imagine that, a few years later, I would be publishing a novel in the Steampunk genre. ForContinue reading “Frankenstein, Love & Broken Hearts – Part 1.”