Signing, Publishing and OMG!

Remembering the awesome that got us here!

by MC D’Alton

There is nothing like taking a leap in to the unknown to get the adrenal glands pumping copious amounts of RUN into your blood stream. That’s how Melanie and I have felt these last 2 weeks.

We’re both self-published/Indie authors, but decided our collaborative book baby was hungry for more. So, on the off chance something might happen we submitted it to an exciting new publisher.

The off chance happened!

Let me tell you, it’s one thing to put all your hopes and dreams in a basket and send your manuscript off to a publisher, and a completely different matter when the publisher returns wanting your manuscript!Wine glasses

But when all was said and done, Mel and I got our OMG moment!

We are honored and excited to announce that our Iron Universe (Iron Heart and three more books) has been signed up by Vulpine Press.

We (Melanie and I) have quite the adventure ahead of us!

Three Cheers to the awesome BookBaybZ!

Iron Heart Vulpine Press MC D'Alton Melanie Page Iron Universe

Pre Order your paperback or Ebook HERE

Vulpine Press Iron Heart Iron Universe MC D'Alton Melanie Page

2 thoughts on “Signing, Publishing and OMG!

  1. Wow! That is terrific! Good for you, ladies. You went for it, and it paid off. I’m so pleased, and look forward to hearing about more successes in your future.


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