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Kel E Fox ran an apothecary in a past life, was a stage technician in the theatre (before she finally embraced writing) in this life and hopes to be a wizard in the next.

Q. What sentences in writing have changed your life?

I don’t usually remember specific sentences, I read more for story arc and character. That said, I often find lines from Harry Potter flitting through my mind: “Mrs Dursley was thin and blonde and had nearly twice the usual amount of neck…” for example. I love how with that simple description Rowling conveys so much about a character we’ve only just met, in her characteristic witty tone. As for sentences I’ve written, well, maybe one day I’ll have some that I remember as fondly!

Q. What is the best opening sentence you have written?

‘Shilo crunched the tiny bones in their soft furry sack and swallowed the whole thing without spilling a drop of blood on the carpet.’ From a short story. I don’t know if it’s the best, but it’s definitely the most fun I’ve had with an opening line!

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Q.  What don’t you want to see in a well-written villain that happens frequently?

Hmm. Since I’ve only the one novel coming soon and not much of a back catalogue for you all to read yet, I’ll say probably Johann. He doesn’t get much of a role in The Inheritance Experiment but he fits a lot more villainy in throughout The Tarnen Prophecy before Donovan finally catches up with him.

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Q.  Best closing scene, you have written?

The end of Indecision, the first book of The Tarnen Prophecy. (I think that’s the final title. It may change yet. No irony there) I added the ending some time after finishing it, when the final puzzle piece of the story fell into place. And I can’t say more, because spoilers…


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Your current WIP (work in progress):

The Inheritance Experiment is the prequel to The Tarnen Prophecy, a science fantasy saga about human genetic experiments that will span about four novels (perhaps with some more spin-off shorts). I’m hoping to release the first book by the end of 2019 but we’ll see how things go.

o   From Indecision:

“Are you okay, Gabby?” The man fixed his eyes on me in the rear-view mirror.

“That depends,” I remarked, unable to keep the surliness out. “Have I actually lost it?”

The impossible woman laughed. I fought down an urge to hit her. To hell with her rescue.

“I’m Stephen,” the man offered. After a pause in which the woman was obviously not going to offer her name, he added, “this is Donovan. And you’re not crazy.”

Well, it was an improvement on the ‘don’t worry miss, we’re from the government’ suits. I tested my luck. “Where are we going?”

“To Darkhaven,” Stephen replied. “Kind of a medical research facility, where we can make sure you’re okay. You were struck by lightning.”

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