Sweet and Steamy. Just the way we like it!



It is a sweet and steamy MFM ménage romance set in New York.

When Kida and handsome British expat, Miles, crash into each other- quite literally- one morning, neither is expecting the instant attraction that draws them to one another. He is handsome, intelligent and looks at Kida in a way no man ever has before.

As a shy, twenty-five-year-old single woman, living and working in New York City certainly has its challenges. But Kida’s best friend, James, has always been there to lend a helping hand.  He’s a man Kida has always had stronger feelings for, but is afraid to take the next step with. After all, what would an outgoing, ex-footballer see in her?

When both men start to shower her with affection, will Kida be able to choose between them, or will she lose them both forever?

Let’s get to know Kiera.

Kiera Jayne Autho BookBaybZ

Q. What sentences in writing have changed your life?

 “Love is not necessary to life, but it makes life worth living.” –CJ Duggan, The Boys of Summer

     “Life is not about the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.”—Chelsea Cameron, One Ride

Q. What book is Belle reading in beauty and the beast?

 A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Q. And did you know it off hand or did you look it up?

 I made it up. I didn’t know she was supposed to be reading a specific book. Lol.

Q. Which book left you empty inside once you finished writing it?

 Nothing has ever left me empty. I always feel some sort of emotion from a book, whether I love it or I don’t.

Q. What is the best opening sentence you have written?

This isn’t out yet, but it’s the opening sentence from my book, Looking Out For Lou

‘The ocean was rough this morning, the storm clouds out at sea causing the waves to churn in a way I found unsettling.’

Q. Do you prefer your novel to start with a preface or do you prefer to dive right in to the main plot when writing?

 I prefer to dive right in.

Q. Have you ever read the ending of a book after only reading the first few chapters? If no, why, if yes…why?

 I used to do this when I was younger (not sure why), but now I don’t, as I don’t like spoilers.

Q. What don’t you want to see in a well-written villain that happens frequently?

 I don’t want him to be a predictable, cardboard character. The best villains don’t always seem like villains, often they can be likeable and you are able to see their point of view, even though you disagree with the way they do things.

Q. Who is the best villain you have written to date?

 I haven’t written many, yet. I think Ella from my first 3 Marked For Love books is the best one so far.

Q. What is the best closing sentence you have read in a book?

 I don’t remember final sentences.

Q. Best closing scene, you have written?

 My ending of co-authored book, Operation: Stripped & Stranded that I wrote with E Kay Sims. I won’t tell you what it is. That would ruin it! Go and buy the book and donate to VETSports at the same time (it’s a charity novel).

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Excerpt from your book

                     “Oh, sweetheart,” he whispered. He brought his lips down to hers and kissed her slowly, deeply, until their breaths were no longer their own.

This woman . . . this sweet, passionate woman in his arms was quickly capturing his soul. He was plummeting like a rock for her and he hoped she’d catch him and return his love.

How would readers connect with You

I’m everywhere. Haha. Below are my links:

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Goodreads Romance Retreat Group

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