Awesome Rumballs that will make your mouth water!


2 packets of glace cherries, soaked in ½ cup of rum.

A block of dark chocolate (200g)

¼ cup butter

300ml of sour light cream

A packet of choc ripple biscuits

½ cup desiccated coconut

¼ cup cocoa

¼ cup icing sugar

Extra coconut for rolling

Soak the cherries in the rum. I put mine in soak (in a glass jar) on Dec 26th to make up for the next year, but a week, or even a day is better than no time.

The day before you make up the run balls

Food process the biscuits into crumbs, add cocoa, coconut and icing sugar. Tip into a bowl.

Break up the chocolate, put in a bowl with the butter and melt over a low heat. When smooth, beat in the sour light cream (not direct from fridge, or the choc will go gluggy). Beat vigorously… Drain the rum out of the cherries and add to mix, then blend into dry ingredients. Add more rum if needed. Refrigerate overnight.

In the morning while it is still cool, or in front of an arctic air conditioner, take walnut sized pieces of chocolate mixture and flatten, then roll around a cherry and smooth into balls. Roll in the extra coconut. Refrigerate.

The average pack of cherries is apx 20. You may have some mix left over, so make cherry free rumballs for the non-imbibers at the party.


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