9 Fantastic Writers who will make YOU want more- Part 1

Awesome Bookbabers!

Find Below 9 of our 2018 authors and their stunning books.

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Melanie and Michelle.

Megan Mayfair 

Q. How do you balance making demands on the reader with taking care of the reader?

I try to take care of my reader with some humor – I think that some gentle humor and funny observations can hopefully ensure the reader has that nice balance when things might get a little emotional or tense.

I love having a cliffhanger chapter ending, but I try not to keep them waiting too long – I don’t want to torture readers.

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Tamara Martin

Q. On your writing journey, what has been the lowest and the most painful moment and vice versa?

On the road to publishing there are many lows.

I nearly quit in 2008 before that trip to Europe but I returned and a number of things fell into place and people came along and I found a new path.

Then again in 2015 I didn’t know what else I could do but, I was lucky enough to have some wonderful conversations with publishers and then met my editor.

I attended a panel with a writing idol and my trajectory changed again and 6 months later my first book was published.

The biggest high so far, my novella The Rise of Jaz, was a finalist in the RWA Romantic Book of the Year awards this year and that blew my mind

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Annie Seaton

Q. Is there anything which sets it apart from any other book in the genre?

The sensory aspect of landscape is a vital part of my writing.

I take limited notes when I research a setting firsthand, as I find that when I revisit my handwritten notes, most of the time I can’t read my writing!

I keep a photographic journal as the inspiration for my words. Hundreds and hundreds of photos each trip.

Those photos then comprise a pivotal part of my writing day as I put the words down, sometimes up to a year after the research.

The photographs bring the sensory details back to me. The feel of the cool sea breeze on my skin, the smell of the ocean, and the stunning colours of the water all form a part of my character’s response to the landscape they are in.

A taster from Whitsunday Dawn for you below, I can still see the islands in my head as I write this!

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Michelle Sommers

Q. What do you like most about writing?

Oh, so many things. But mostly, the escape. And perhaps a little murderous intent…. Lol!

I love the freedom writing provides, to create characters and situations that are far from my reality.

I also love the opportunity to delve into the human psyche and the ever elusive question, ‘why?’ Why do people fall in love? What makes one person decide to stalk and kill another? What brings people together and what tears them apart?

Then I make sure I do all of the above in my stories … *rubs hands with glee*

To find out more about Murder Most Unusual,  you can also click


Darcy Delany

Q. What was your favourite part in writing this book?

Developing the romance between the characters.

They are both beautiful souls covered by shells to survive the modern world, and I loved weaving a way for them to drop their masks and find an emotional home with one another.

You can buy The Charm-Offensive on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Smashwords


Savannah Blaize

Q. How do you balance making demands on the reader with taking care of the reader?

My only “request” is that they enjoy the story. I would like to think I take care of the reader by producing a book they can step right into, and see and experience the images that I see and experience when I write.

This book is my latest completed manuscript, and is about to be published. It is called The Class Reunion.


Lorna Peel

Q. What about history inspires you to write your gorgeous historical romances?

I have always loved history.

I’ve done a lot of research into my family tree.

I have a very varied ancestry, I’m of Irish, Dutch, Welsh, German and Scottish descent, so I’m lucky in that I can take inspiration from a personal historical connection to many eras, places and experiences.

Into The Unknown is set during WWII and although my maternal grandparents lived in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and my grandmother’s home was destroyed in a bombing raid.

I set the novel in and around London, England as I wanted the novel to be a work of fiction and not a family memoir.

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A Scarlet Woman – HERE

A Suitable Wife – HERE

Renee Dahlia

Q. What is the underlying theme of your book, if any?

The Heart of a Bluestocking is about two people who don’t quite fit the standard of their time.

Claire is an educated woman in 1888, while Ravi often finds himself torn between the different worlds of his father and mother.

Interestingly, in my research, I found that Anglo-Indian people in the Regency and Victorian eras are much more common in real history than we ever see in historical romance.

There is evidence of up to one third of British East India company employees giving all their assets in their Wills to their Indian wife and Anglo-Indian children.

A character like Ravi (and his brother) should be seen much more frequently in historical romance, if historical accuracy mattered to writers.

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Harper Collins


Sarah Williams

Q. What kind of research did you undertake when writing?

I dragged the family out to my friends cattle station in Julia Creek. We stayed for a week and I got enough research done for all the series, plus The Outback Governess which came out last November.

It’s a standalone and very sweet.

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