The Duke of Strathmore – An Interview with Author Sasha Cottman

Born in England, but raised in Australia, Sasha has a love for both countries. Having her heart in two places has created a love for travel, which at last count was to over 55 countries.

She has always had a love of history, but the career of finance is one which pays the bills.

Sasha’s novels are set around the Regency period in England, Scotland and France. Her books are centred on the themes of love, honour and family.


Q. What literary pilgrimages have you gone on?

I went on a three-week tour of England with my sister a couple of years ago and my muse was on high alert the whole time. I am still using the trip as food for my writing, but must arrange to go back and do another trip soon. I am a sponge when it comes to absorbing things from my travels. I am writing scenes in my current book The Ice Queen which come from a trip I made to Japan in May of this year.

Next year I am planning to go to New York for the American RWA conference. I am working on convincing my husband to come with me. I need someone to carry the shopping back to the hotel.

Q. What is the most unethical practice in the publishing industry?

I would have to say book stuffers. Readers should get what they pay for and expect to receive. If you advertise a certain number of pages for a story, you should deliver.

Q. Does writing energize or exhaust you?

My back and neck would tell you otherwise, but writing when it flows is an amazing thing. When you are tired its hard work. I write every day so that I don’t have huge deadline problems and have to pull late night sessions. I was never one for pulling an all night last night assignment at university.

Q. What is your writing Kryptonite?

Facebook, especially the ads for clothes and new-fangled inventions. I’ve never been a big TV watcher, but we are working our way through The Americans at the moment, and that is catnip and kryptonite all in one!

Q. Have you ever gotten reader’s block?

I had a period a year or so ago when my muse left home. I wondered if I would ever get her back, but when she did return it was on the back of high-speed motorcycle and with a hard- core attitude. I do as she tells me now, and she has my back.

Q. Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I write what I want to read. I think as an author you have a contract with your readers. They want consistency from you. People want the same, but at the same time different. That’s why writing a long series such as The Duke of Strathmore suits me. When I am finished this series is going to be 20 odd books. I love reading those sorts of series.

Q. What do you expect from an author when reading a book, short story or article?

To be entertained, and in all honesty, I want a happy ending. Please don’t kill off my favourite characters at the end of the story just because you can.

Q. What authors did you dislike at first, but grew into?

I don’t think I have any authors like that, I either read and love your books or I find a new author. I am prepared to forgive a book from a favourite author that did not do it for me, we all have those books. I will give their next book a shot.

Q. On your writing journey, what has been the lowest and the most painful moment and vice versa?

On the road to publishing there are many lows. I nearly quit in 2008 before that trip to Europe but I returned and a number of things fell into place and people came along and I found a new path and then again in 2015 I didn’t know what else I could do and then I was lucky enough to have some wonderful conversations with publishers and then met my editor, attended a panel with a writing idol and my trajectory changed again and 6 months later my first book

If you would like more info on Sasha’s writing or would like to get in touch with her, you can find hee HERE!



Thank you for speaking with us today Sasha!
Happy Reading!

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