The Sky over Brigadier Station – Interview with Author Sarah Williams

MC D’Alton interview with Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams spent her childhood chasing sheep, riding horses and picking Kiwi fruit on the family orchard in rural New Zealand. After a decade travelling, Sarah moved to Queensland to raise a family and follow her passion for writing. She currently resides in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
When she’s not absorbed in her fictional writing world, Sarah is running after her family of four kids, one husband, two dogs and a cat. If that’s not enough, she also mentors and teaches writing workshops and hosts Write with Love – a weekly writers and readers podcast.
Q. Where did the idea for your book come from?

I attended a workshop presented by Barbara Hannay. She spoke about writing rural romance and it hit a chord with me. I had planned to write about American Cowboys but suddenly I was like – I should write what I know!
Aussie Cowboys!!

Q. Why do you write romance?

I got addicted to romance when I was 14 and read a novel by Janet Dailey. I love the escapism and the guaranteed happily ever after.

Q. What sets apart The Sky over Brigadier Station from any other book in the genre?

The Sky over Brigadier Station touches on Domestic Violence and PTSD.
These are both big issues I wanted to draw attention too.

The Sky over Brigadier Station.jpg
Q. What, if any, were the challenges you faced writing your book?

Helicopter terminology! I used to work at a Helicopter company in Cairns and fell in love with the machines. But Heli-mustering is very different and the pilots are very brave – or stupid some might say!

Q. Tell us about your process, how do you get into a writing mindset?

I get re-charged by being in nature, so if I’m blocked I’ll take a long walk. I just moved to Maleny, QLD so it’s easy to find inspiration now. I also need a lot of coffee!

Q. What is the underlying theme of your book?

The Brigadier Station Series is a family saga about three sons who each have their own love story. They are very family and small-town community focused.

Q. Would you call your hero and heroine a typical romance hero/heroine?
Why not? What sets them apart from the men and women we usually encounter in

In this novel I reversed the gender stereotype. Riley, my heroine is very Alpha and dominates the relationship while Noah is the one who gets left behind on the station so she can go fly helis!

The brothers of Brigadier StationQ. What was your inspiration for your Main Characters?

The Brothers of Brigadier Station were inspired by the Hemsworth Brothers!
They are different from them of course, but I had a major crush on Liam when I wrote Darcy’s character (from The Brothers of Brigadier Station).

Q. What kind of research did you undertake when writing?

I dragged the family out to my friends cattle station in Julia Creek. We stayed for a week and I got enough research done for all the series, plus The Outback Governess which came out last November. It’s a standalone and very sweet.

Q. What was your favourite part in writing this book?

Writing the last scene, when they get their happily ever after.

Q. Besides the gorgeous cover, what about this story will draw your reader into your world?

I try to make the outback romantic. I describe the colours, smells and the
noises. I hope it draws people in!

Sarah is regularly checking social media when she really should be cleaning!

You can find her online at:

Thank You Sarah for taking the time to chat to us about your writing and your book, The Sky over Brigadier Station!
If you would like to purchase a copy of The Sky over Brigadier Station, please see below link!



Happy Reading!

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