Meet Michelle!

By MC Dalton

Hello, goeie dag, dumela, sawubona, g’day mate!

My name is Michelle, but as you can see I write under a pen name.

Born in South Africa, my husband, our almost five-year-old triplet boys, and I left our home in 2010 for a safer, better future here in Australia. I am a nurse, but my passion is story telling. I spent hours as a small child listening to my Gogo, (Goh, goh – Zulu for grandmother), telling me tales, and when Gogo left this life, my Nan, her daughter introduced me to the awesome world of romance!

It started with Anna Karenina, Gone with the Wind, Pride ‘n Prejudice, Doctor Zhivago and many, many more. It wasn’t an easy introduction and by that, I mean, I am dyslexic so for a ten-year-old to read a Tolstoy novel took a lot of patience, but it was something my beautiful grandmother had a lot of. And to make up for the hours of trying to read tiny words swimming on a page… Nan always got us the Beta tape movie version to watch.

Living in Australia opened many doors for me as a writer. But the move hasn’t been easy. To leave one’s family, roots, culture, and soul behind is devastating. Unlike many immigrants who have substantial financial backing, we had to start from scratch. Both my husband and I have degrees. Me in Nursing, he in Accounting. But, our new home required we study from the beginning. With our sons so very small, we decided it was best and more cost effective that I become a stay at home mom, and the husband would go back to school and work his way from the bottom to the top, once again.

It frustrated me sitting at home, being a cook, a cleaner and taxi driver. I needed stimulation. A goal. A purpose… and so I began to write fulltime.

Many years later, here I am. The author of many stunning stories and surrounded by beautiful likeminded women who encourage and support one another.

In recent months, I have decided to write a little about my home country. Both the good, that I remember, and the horrific which has now thrown a shadow over a once promising Rainbow Nation.

When I’m not writing, I still play taxi, cook, clean, whinge, (because that’s what mother’s do), and I’ve decided to study for my degree in writing. Life is good, it is hard, but it is good. It is important to never forget the hard years, to revel in the good ones, and to always want what you already have.

Happy Reading.

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