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Thanks for joining us!

It’s so great to meet you. Let us introduce ourselves.
By day we’re professionals or academics, living and working in the beautiful Moreton Bay district of Queensland.
By night though, we love to write great tales of epic romance!

We hang out (Aussie slang for “get together in a social setting”) or chat online as often as we can to discuss and work on ‘The Iron Universe,’ and just love doing what we do. We love to support each other and other budding writers and generally have a great time doing it.

The first of our four book series from the Iron Universe, Iron Heart, is due for publication (with the wonderful Vulpine Press) in January 2020!

In the meantime…

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We’d love for you to grab a cuppa (tea, coffee, coke; whatever you prefer!) and chill with us for a while. Check out our latest posts or even read a couple of short stories.