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MC D’Alton and Melanie Page are the authors best known as the Bookbaybz. Both have a love of gothic literature and have found success in the romance fiction industry in the contemporary, historical, and gothic sub-genres.

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By day we’re professionals or academics, living and working in the beautiful Moreton Bay district of Queensland, Australia. By night though… we love to write sweeping tales of epic romance!

We hang out (Aussie slang for “get together socially”) or chat online as often as we can to discuss and work on upcoming releases, support each others writing, and support other budding authors where we can.

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The first book by MC D’Alton and Melanie Page, Iron Heart, is available now at Amazon.

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A selection of free short stories by MC D’Alton and Melanie Page are available for your reading pleasure!


Book Reviews for Iron Heart

“D’Alton and Page smash it out of the ballpark with this story. The machinery, medical procedures, materials used, descriptions and settings were well created and delivered imagery that made scenes jump off the page and feel real. A beautiful, tender romance between the lead characters added a sweet touch and raised the question: How much would you risk to save the one you loved?”

Juanita Kees, bestselling author

“Iron Heart is [a] steampunk romance…about love, compassion, women’s position in Victorian era, men’s ego and their view towards women acquiring higher studies, medical inventions, greed and darkness in humanity. Writing was great with smooth and fast pace. It pulled me in the world from the very beginning. If there wasn’t a title page or cover I couldn’t have guessed the book was written by two authors.”

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